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What makes Body Concept Studio special? The experience, professionalism and dedication of the two principals and instructors, Andrew and Kim Baxter, are the key to the ongoing success of the Pilates studios.

Andrew and Kim each enjoyed international success as classical ballet dancers – careers which spanned Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. Body Concept Studio is one of the earliest Pilates studios in Australia. Established in 1990 at the request of the Australian Ballet, the studio was mainly providing its services to The Australian Ballet Company and The Australian Ballet School. As public awareness of Pilates increased, Body Concept Studio opened up its first private studio in 1994 to cater for the wider demographic of clientele who sought Pilates as a base form of fitness. Body Concept Studio opened a second studio in 1998 to meet expanding demand. Since then, professional dancers have continued to use our services, together with elite athletes and men and women of all ages and walks of life.

Kim Baxter Pilates Instructor Andrew Baxter Pilates Instructor